Individual Swastika Poker Chips


Yeah, here you thought, and we surely could come up with a great story to make you believe, that these poker chips came from an exclusive SS casino in one of the decadent night clubs of Berlin. But hell.., we can't tell a lie! Especially, since the truth is so damned much funnier and more interesting! Actually, these chips, all adorned with a big "Hakenkreuz" in their centers, came from an old Apache Indian Gambling Casino..! Stands to reason, since the swastika is an ancient symbol, and certainly often enough used by aboriginal Americans in their pottery, basketry, and weaving. These are known as "Good Luck Swastika Poker Chips". They are old, somewhat faded, and in any case, pre-date Adolf and his jack-booted buddies!

We only have white left.

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