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Liberated Serbian Church
It certainly doesn't happen very often, that we get what's left of the innards of a bombed out church in Serbia... And to tell the honest-to-God-truth, now that we emptied the container, I am wondering what prompted me at all, other than the uniqueness of it all. (And please don't belabor us as to why it's carved in English. We simply haven't any idea). Over the years we've sold a fair number of portable, Swiss Army, Sunday worship kits, both Catholic and Protestant, and I was always surprised when they sold. To whom and why, is the question raised, but then it really is none of our business. You will forgive me if I get most of the nomenclature wrong, since it has been fifty-some-odd years since I was an altar boy! The brass is all solid and heavy, as are the furnishings, being solid oak. The wood has scratches and some scars, and perhaps there are a few dents in the brass, but all in all, these are beautiful, massive pieces.

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