Swiss Army Telegraph Key ca.1916

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In a country of big mountains and deep valleys, communications were revolutionized with the telegraph. Even though carrier pigeons, and probably yodelers and alpenhorns, were used. This superb unit was designed and made by Gustav Hasler of Bern. These are “Silent Key” units. Why silent? The military wanted clandestine use; civilian PTT offices had many operators in one room and the noise level would have been unbearable. Most European landlines were of the 'open circuit' design; keys employed in 'open circuits' require a normally open set of contacts and a normally closed set of contacts and electrically the keys resemble a Single Pole, Double Throw, (SPDT) switch. This handsome, heavy, and functional piece has a wooden base with 12 in/out sockets, stainless steel mechanism, and wooden button, all hand-soldered wiring. Has a layer of felt on the bottom plate, so as not to scratch desks. In tip-top condition. 6.5” x 3” x 3.25”, weighs 26.4 oz
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