FED-Zorki (Felix Edmundovich Dzerjinski Commune)

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The Leica knock-off story starts when Felix, founder of the Cheka (terrible Soviet secret police), decided to put orphaned children into a “work commune for children,” at the end of 1927. Starting with 150 girls and boys, 13 to 17 years old, building Leica-1 knock-offs, this production later moved to Krasnogorsk in 1941. Then in 1948, the now named FED-Zorki, was produced, originally using lenses of Zeiss origin. We have them ranging from 1949 through 1956. Most have the collapsible Leica style f3.5/50mm lenses; some with rigids. The earlier ones have shutter speeds of 20 to 500, and then from 1954, 25 to 500. Gorgeous cameras, all. We have several other cameras like this online.

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