Antique German Nutcrackers


Our wily source for old and unusual stuff in Frankfurt, just found a bunch of these fabulous, antique nutcrackers for us. We are delighted to have them, to offer them to you for the holidays! Made in the Erzgebirge in Germany, where the tradition for wood carving and painting is a very old tradition. Yeah.., we know, there are new ones that look similar but aren’t of the quality they used to be, and many are now knock-offs from China. So here they are, from the 1960’s and before. With slight use and patina, but all functional and gorgeous! Since this is a mixed bag of about 50 nutcrackers, we cannot show them all. So, trust us to choose and send you an attractive one. You won’t be disappointed. They range in size from 13.75” to  15.75”.


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