Antique Kid Glove Stretchers

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Wow..! Dating back to the late 19th Century, these “Pince à gant” are an extremely rare find! Back then it was usual for middle and upper class men and women to wear gloves. Women had different pairs of gloves to match their outfits. A pair of white gloves was the finishing touch to a man's dress suit. Kid gloves were common. Kid is very fine, young goat, leather, which fits the hand like a second skin. Glove stretchers were used to open up the fingers of these gloves before they were put on. The stretchers are made of turned and burnished wood with rounded ends. They are hinged in the middle so when the stretcher was inserted into the glove-finger, it can be opened up, stretching the finger out. We have them in several sizes of about: 12.5”, 12”, 9”, 8”, and 7”. Wood and color varies. The prices are all the same. Please specify your pick.

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