Giant Bi-Focal Glass Magnifier

SKU: SC53120

This glass is a mind-blower! Huge, 4.5”Ø aplanatic 2x (4.0 D), plus a bi-focal 1.25”Ø 4x (12 D), Schott glass, hand-held magnifying glass. Has a chromed brass ring and plastic handle. In the world of optical glass, this is truly a work of art; a tour-de-force! This is a great story: the man responsible for having these lenses ground, at Schweizer, thought these would be a great idea, and had a ton made, without ever calculating costs...! He was summarily discharged, shortly thereafter. Boy did we luck out! With this glass, you’ll never need another for your desk or workbench, and every time you put it in your hand, you may smile with the sure knowledge that you scored the best ever made. Available only and exclusively from us. measures 9.5” long x 5”, weighs 14 oz

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