IMCO Super Triplex Gasoline Lighter

$34.00 - $39.00
SKU: IM0022

The original 1936 “foxhole lighter” from Austria. All chrome nickel gasoline lighter with a flip-it-open to light, snap-it-shut to snuff it out. Has an adjustable wind ring around the air slots. Pull out the fuel container with burning wick to light your pipe or camp-fires or storm lanterns. For flint loading, push the button on the bottom and the side opens. Very “retro,” a design that has yet to be beaten! 2.5”, 1.2 oz

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by The Professor, 11/23/2016

The only lighter that works in the windy skyscraper canyons of New York City. The perfect gift for a smoker. I'm so glad they're making them again!

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