Deutsche Optik / Schweizer Aplanatic Hand Magnifiers

$176.00 - $198.00

Here's my story... Awhile ago I was using one of the Zeiss magnifiers we sell to fix a detail on a miniature ship. In the process, like a damned fool I splashed a drop of acetone on the lens. Reacting intuitively, I immediately wiped. Damn, that was the end of a couple hundred bucks! I got so angry that I decided that we won't sell any acrylic glasses ever again. Then the search began. Yeah.., just try and find real quality glass magnifiers, that are aspheric or better aplanatic. That lead me to A. Schweizer GmbH. Been around for 167 years. Use only Schott (Zeiss) white glass; grind all their own. In fact, make all the components in house! Aplanatic lenses have more edge to edge clarity, without distortion by minimizing spherical aberrations and eliminating coma. Schweizer does this with two lenses, not that you could tell, holding 'em in your hand. Yes, they're heavy, but that's good, keeps things steady. Brilliant. The best there is! We're proud to offer these three magnifiers. 


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