British Isles 19th Century Lighthouse Clock


There are clocks and then there are CLOCKS. We've seen a million of 'em but very few ever make these pages. This one did.  Made in 1848 by Fletcher & Hunter of Edinburgh, Scotland. Clocks of this sort were used as primary timekeepers in British lighthouses. As the tide would change, so would the light patterns to advise mariners of ebb or flow.  For such an important function, getting the timing right was a serious business and remains so to this day. This large and spectacular clock features a 10" silvered dial with subsidiary second and date dials, four adjustable ball feet, industrial strength fusee chain movement and a deadbeat escapement. The dial is engraved “Fletcher & Hunter/EDINR/A.D. 1848”. There's a front spirit level to make sure the clock is mounted on a flat surface and a bottom trap door sitting above a solid teak plinth. The housing and pendulum are solid brass, the latter being of the cylindrical type on a shaped rod. The mechanics have all been recently reconditioned and you can expect excellent timekeeping from this most gorgeous of instruments. Height without plinth is 16"; weight 48 lb.

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