Hans Baier's Finest Silver-Point Badger

SKU: HBE54583
It doesn't get any better than this. Organically fed badgers, humanely slain for their finest, longest hair. (I'm kidding about the feeding). These are a work of art, and if you'd like to really pamper yourself, do it. 2.25" bristle length! Ivory plastic handle is 2". Comes in presentation case.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Grant, 07/06/2014

I've been using this brush for a couple of months now and really love it. It's soft on the skin but stiff enough to work up a great lather. Great quality, hasn't lost its shape at all (in fact is gets fluffier with use) and didn't shed a single hair like some of my cheaper brushes did. The picture doesn't do it justice, in reality the bristles are a little larger and wider then the picture indicates. I think this would be rated as an "extra large" in most other shaving stores. Seriously, the only way your face is going to feel more badger hair in the morning is if you lather up using an actual badger! Recommended.