CLEO Messograf & Pencil

$52.00 - $99.00

Cleo Messograf
Here’s one of those “you gotta have one” items, that makes perfect sense for any technically or mechanically minded person! It’s a fine, chrome plated brass, retractable, easy-flow ballpoint pen, a caliper, a ruler… It also has a screw-thread scale, along with a tire tread gauge. In inches and millimeters. Made in Germany, of course, by Cleo-Skirbent. 6” long
CS2000  $42

Cleo Messograf, Pencil
The folks at Cleo-Skribent finally finished their mechanical pencil version. This is handy, of course, when you mark on materials like metal… Anodized black, to tell ‘em apart. Same size as the ballpoint version. 6” 
CS2012. $42


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