Camera Collection

Another Astonishing Camera Collection... To the best of our ability, we'll give you an honest evaluation of each camera's condition. IF you are unhappy with your camera purchase, please, return it within 3 Days of receipt..! Let someone else have the chance. Deal? Thanks. Some Comments: we'll assume that most of you won't use these cameras for actual photography, but rather put them in a vitrine, and fondle 'em every now and then, marveling at what interesting mechanical and optical devices they are... We won't warrant them. We don't have a repair shop; furthermore, we don't have any film, and won't get involved in getting any either. That being said, we'll bet you'll have fun, and won't be disappointed. GO!

Bolex/Paillard Monopod
Was: $69.00
Now: $28.00
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Flash Cubes
Swiss Army MEG 82 Tripod w. Canvas Cover
Was: $230.00
Now: $119.00
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