Concorde SST

SKU: AP460

What is there left to say about this fabulous, incredible aircraft..! Only twenty were ever built, of which fourteen went into commercial service. Flew at Mach 2.04, twice the speed of sound, which translates into 1354 mph, at 60,000 feet altitude. Powered by Rolls Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 engines, the Concorde was the only commercial aircraft with afterburners! She carried up to 128 passengers and made the transatlantic flight in 3 hours. Her tragic end came not from any inherent failure, but F.O.D. on the runway… The rest of the fleet was retired, ultimately due to horrendous operating cost. I regret never having flown on her. This fabulous, polished aluminum model is well detailed with the optionally drooping nose, and has a wingspan of 15”, length 34”, and stands 18” tall on it’s pylon.

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