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Deutsche Optik Art Folio  
Welcome to our Art Folio... Realizing that we are essentially perceived as a hardware merchant, we thought we should add this section to our website, to broadcast our broader scope. Printing and mailing catalogs is a costly proposition, meaning that every square inch of space on paper must return a given amount of revenues. Yet just often enough, when we go on our buying adventures, we come across stunning prints, paintings, or other assorted ephemera, that we just cannot afford to place in catalogs, even when we know some of you out there would really enjoy and covet it. Ergo: D.O. ART FOLIO.

Stanley Meltzoff   Master of illustration and At work in the laboratory of the Reliquarium: A doubtful provenance.creator of an entirely new genre of sporting art, Standley Melzoff was among the most influential American artists of the 20th century. His career spanned seven decades, including four years as a correspondent for Stars and Stripes, the army newspaper during WWII, postwar prominence as a New York-based commercial artist and illustrator, and elevation to fine art, the rendering of marine game fish in the 1960s. His subsequent work dominated the sporting press for nearly 30 years. Widely honored throughout his career, Melzoff’s death in 2006 stilled a brush that will never be equaled.

Now available for the first time is the entire porfolio of Stanley Meltzoff. His body of work includes WWII art, historical paintings, commercial illustration, science fiction and fantasy and game fish painting – more than 600 images in all. Licensing opportunities include apparel, calendars, giclee reproductions, eyewear, note cards and stationery, and other categories. Product design and marketing assistance is available from some of the country’s most innovative merchandisers. This is a unique new-to-market opportunity not to be missed. Act now!