Frech Navy Wardroom Porcelain - Blue Line w. Anchor

SKU: MR115_MR116

French Navy Wardroom Porcelain
Over the years we’ve had Royal Navy, Italian Airforce, and Air France porcelain, but never from the French Navy, until now! We scored what was available of these rare pieces. As you can see, there are several different patterns to choose from. They’re all the genuine wardroom china, in different sizes and styles. Breakfast, dinner, salad, soup, and etc.. All made by famous French companies, such as Limoges, Pyroblan, Sarreguemines, and ML. These will really dress up your dinner table. Hell, I’d even mix and match for the fun of it. Pricey but well worth it, we don’t have all that many of any, so you’d better hurry. Each dish comes with a genuine French wardroom cloth napkin.

Blue Line w. Anchor
MR115 Soup/Porridge 8.75”    $18
MR116 Salad 7.5”    $18


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