Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker Lantern

SKU: DZ2000

The best new idea in lamp utilization! Developed to heat water or food for emergency or camping use indoors or out. Included is an aluminum plate and 12 oz. cup to heat water, soup, or a small meal, as well as a snap on bracket and hold-down pegs to prevent tip over when used outdoors. Its compact design has similar specs as the Dietz #30 Little Wizard lantern, featuring a rising cone for easy lighting and wick trimming. Made of sheet steel, powder coated green, using a 5/8" wick, with 17 oz oil capacity giving you about 23 hours of burn time at an average of 9 C.P., puts out 1100 BTU of heat. Measures 12" x 6" Ø, plus accessories, weighs 33.7 oz complete. A must have kit for emergency preparedness.

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