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Our friend Peter Burkhardt, our undercover agent in Europe, just scored a large collection of antique beer steins, from an estate in Germany, just in time for this catalog! These are not only gorgeous, but also rare. Made in a much better quality than the new ones. We have them in glass and hand-painted and glazed stoneware, all with pewter lids. Some are flat-top lids, others have peaked lids. All are stunning, and a one time chance at something fine and rare! They are all either .4L or .5L capacity, and measure between about 6.5” to 9” tall. The glass cost a bit more, we have very few of them, and they’re the rarest of the bunch. But there are no disappointments in this batch! As with the beer jugs on the front cover, we couldn’t possibly photograph ‘em all, so let us select for you. Just indicate whether you want glass, flat or peaked lid, okay? We’ll make you happy for sure! (The few pictures shown, are representative of the collection).


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