German Brewery Beer Jugs


Rare & Unique Commemorative Genuine Brewery 2 Liter Jugs

Wowee.., what a score this was! I found these large, spectacular, commemorative beer jugs while in Germany last. Rare as hen’s teeth, they are from a bunch of German breweries, many of which no longer are in business. Large and gorgeous, they’ll be the prize of your collection. Made of stoneware or glass, they all have lids secured with steel bales. The graphics are stunning. You could call ‘em “beer-art” for sure. We show you here a sampling of them. They’re all different, so we obviously couldn’t show each one. We will ship them randomly, but rest assured, there are no disappointments. Each unique jug is truly a prize that won’t ever be found readily again! They range in size from 11.5” to 15” tall, 4.5” to 6” Ø, and weigh between 3.5 to 4 lbs each. They all have a 2 liter capacity.


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