20 Liter Jerry Can - SINGLE CAN

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Jerry Cans: Due to the Russian war on the Ukraine, there wasn’t a Jerry-Can to be had anywhere for many months! The two leading European manufacturers were up to their necks in orders to supply the war effort for Ukraine. Finally, along with hefty price escalations in rolled steel and other components, production started to flow in our direction again. Then there were supply-chain issues getting a container out of Poland, to slow things up, but finally we have ample but limited stock again. Given the frightful weather we’ve been having, it is only prudent to have some fuel and water reserves.., just in case! That’s why we are letting you know of our immediate ability to ship out these Jerry-Cans.

The classic, three-handled, plasma-welded, European-made NATO can. Made like a gas tank, with the weld going around the entire perimeter. Bayonet closure lid, with rubber gasket, and safety pin, breather pipe for non-splash pouring. Powder coated, inside and out with solvent-proof paint. measures 18.5” x 13.5” x 6.5”, 8.45 lbs


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Buy 20 Liter Jerry Can - SINGLE CAN and Set of Four Jerry Can Cap-Gaskets,Flexi Jerry Can Spout.

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This Item: 20 Liter Jerry Can - SINGLE CAN
Set of Four Jerry Can Cap-Gaskets
Flexi Jerry Can Spout

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