Solingen Scout

SKU: BO112099

Special Edition
For the 150th anniversary of Böker, the Mayor of Solingen asked Böker to design a pocketknife in the city colors, which are steel blue and golden yellow, which he’d like to gift to guests and dignitaries on special occasions… For 30 years, the Scout has gained fans with its elegant, lines, and sturdy build. The Solingen Scout has a body of solid brass, solid-milled using CNC technology. Inspired by the great chestnut tree that stood in front of the Böker factory, they decided to use blue dyed chestnut for the handle scales. The blade is made of non-stainless C75 carbon steel and finished with an acid wash. In addition, reviving an old Solingen ritual: although knives are the perfect gift, there is a warning: a gifted knife severs the bond of friendship. To ward this off, this knife comes with a coin that the recipient gives back to the giver. Accordingly, the coin is accepted as payment for the knife, no longer making it an unlucky gift. Each Böker Solingen Scout comes with a Böker coin, to mark the beginning of a lasting friendship. Features: nail nick, manual opening with back-lock. Blade 2.83”, overall open 7.2”, weighs 5.93 oz. 


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