Naval Charts of the World

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As a lover of anything nautical, when a stack of old charts, that had been in use by the US Navy, became available, we jumped on the deal. These come from all over the world! Dating as far back as the 1890's, with many corrections made to update them. It's a fantastic history of friend owning and correcting charts from the foe and actually using them. For example, Golfo di Pozzuoli, including Rada di Castellammare di Stabia with Torre Annunziata, originally engraved and published in London by the Admiralty 7th October 1890, with new corrected editions from 1902, 1911, 1917 and large corrections 13th Sept. 1940... And these came out of the chartroom of a US Naval vessel. Gorgeous stuff. These charts are all about 40" x 27.5", and printed on very heavy stock. Many have the corrections made by the quartermaster's mate on them, in red or blue. The charts are all yellowed with age, and are very beautiful in their own right. Works of art, if you will. Since they depict random and obscure places on the globe, with many of these localities re-named, given the course of history and politics, we'll just sell them randomly, okay? All in great condition, with no tears or rips. You get three random charts in this deal. 40" x 27.5" each

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