Native American Obsidian Knife

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All beautifully hand-crafted by Native Americans, using traditional tools and components. They're very difficult to make since obsidian easily fractures while being formed into a blade.  Each one is different. The handle is lashed to the blade with gut twine, or deerskin strips. Each comes with a small piece of cholla that can be used to display the knife upright. The grips are mostly Cholla wood with a few antler. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooling lava.  It's actually an igneous rock and while brittle (don't drop 'em!) can be worked into a very sharp edge.  Before Europeans introduced metal to native Americans, obsidian was the rock of choice for making arrowheads, scrapers, and knives.  Aside from its usefulness, there's also a spiritual element which obsidian especially attractive for tribal craftsmen. Cholla wood is the actual skeleton of cholla cactus, after it dies. It's very strong, yet hollow in the middle and typically has a lot of holes throughout. Cholla provides a great grip. The knives are all between 8.5” to 10” in overall length. 

Please note: This knife has a minor chip in blade.


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