RUSSIAN “NIGHT WITCHES” Leather Pilot’s Masks

SKU: RS155

These are original old stock, never used, from WWII and into the 1950’s, insulated leather facemasks for Russian female bomber pilots, that flew those old open cockpit, crates. Unbelievable that the Russians were still flying open biplanes in WWII..! Anyway, the Germans nicknamed these bombers as the “Nachthexen”. These women went into service 8 October 1941, led by Marina Raskova. It became the 46th “Taman” Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment. These are the original pieces of facial equipment that these bomber pilots wore!  We scored these through our Russian source, Yury, and as far as we know these are all that are in existence. Rare piece of History, but totally useful as a cold-weather mask for extreme conditions. (Like motorcycling in winter.) One size fits all.


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