Reproductions of Hand Grenades

$18.00 - $48.00

MkII Pineapple Hand Grenade
I know.., we’ve all wanted to pitch a few grenades at something, or someone, so here’s your big chance! Nope, they won’t explode, but don’t aim ‘em at someone’s head, else their cranium will explode! These suckers are scale replicas, in size and weight to the originals. MkII Pineapple Hand Grenade Designed by John Browning, this fragmentation type, anti personnel mutha has been in use since 1918. It came with varied fillings. Had a percussion cap and time fuse with a 4-5 second delay. 4.5” x 2.5”; 16.3 oz
EMC303P    $18 M67

Baseball Hand Grenade
Shaped sort of like a baseball, this is a replica of the original, which could’ve be thrown about 100 feet by the average US soldier. They were a fragmentation grenade with a fatality radius of about 16’. Had a pyrotechnic delay M213 fuse with a four second delay. 3.75” x 2.5”; 12.5 oz
EMC303B    $18  

M26 Lemon Hand Grenade
This grenade wasn’t a “lemon”… It entered service around 1952 and was used in extensively in the Korean Conflict. Unlike the MkII, its fuse creates no telltale smoke or sparks when ignited, and its powder train is almost silent as it burns down. Had a timed friction fuse. 4” x 2.5”; 15.7 oz
EMC303L    $18

Buy One or Buy ‘em All and get a DEAL
EMC303PBL   All Three Grenades  $48


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