SET OF FOUR 20 Liter Jerry Can

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New Jerry Cans: After all of the surplus supplies of NATO jerry cans in Europe dried up in 2009, we went to the maker and had them supply us. Naturally we paid a bunch more for OEM cans, but many thousands later no one is complaining. They are that good! Made in Poland, (which is an EU member), for NATO, among other entities, including the Russian Army, these are as good as it gets. They’ve been producing jerry cans since 2000, with 5, 10 and 20 liter capacities, are rustproof, and painted in the RAL6003 color, olive drab. They’re plasma welded .08mm steel, powder coated on both inside and out with fuel and solvent resistant paint, preventing the deterioration of the contents during long storage. Given the high quality, they’ve been awarded certificates recognized throughout the European Union and beyond, which means that they comply with the toughest durability standards needed by military and civilian customers around the world. These jerry cans are designed for the shipment and temporary storage of liquids and petroleum products. All of our cans are stamped with: “Not for Fuel Use”.

The classic, three-handled, plasma-welded, European-made NATO can. Made like a gas tank, with the weld going around the entire perimeter. Bayonet closure lid, with rubber gasket, and safety pin, breather pipe for non-splash pouring. Powder coated, inside and out with solvent-proof paint. measures 18.5” x 13.5” x 6.5”, 8.45 lbs

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Buy SET OF FOUR 20 Liter Jerry Can and Flexi Jerry Can Spout,Set of Four Jerry Can Cap-Gaskets.

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This Item: SET OF FOUR 20 Liter Jerry Can
Flexi Jerry Can Spout
Set of Four Jerry Can Cap-Gaskets

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jacob K, 03/14/2020

Wow! Ordered and got a shipping notice within 30 minutes! Arrived this morning (2 days after ordering) in perfect condition!  Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Bruce A, 06/22/2019

I have bought several sets of four. Some were stored where they were exposed to sunlight and others were under a tarp where the got very hot. The gloss, after several years, is gone off the paint of the exposed cans, but there is no rust.

I have several other cans that look very much like these Deutsche Optik cans which I bought just because they were half the price. The metal is MUCH thinner and the pop and bang as they heat and cool. Though none leak yet they all have significant rust. The problem is the thin material constantly flexing which pops the paint completely off the shoulders of the cans and the cans also assume a permanent rounded shape bulging out the sides far enough that they cannot fit the can carriers properly. Beware these very cheap thin cans. Although the cans are claimed to the NATO type, the standard NATO spout will not fit unless engagement ears are filed.

There are none better than the Deutsche Optic cans. They are now less expensive that when Deutsche Optic first started selling these new cans. They are better that any of the American GI pattern cans.

Reviewed by Fred , 02/11/2018

I have no beef with the vendor who was very gracious when my original shipment got stolen and send me a replacement.
But I am extremely disappointed with the manufacturing of these.
Its not the welds.. they are ok, nothing special but I suppose serviceable..
The Steel pin that is supposed to secure the lid is friction locked on the proper NATO style Jerry Can.
It is not friction locked on these.
It just kind flaps there loosy-goosy.
Which means it cannot do its job of locking down the lid with any reliability.
The pin also looks different than on the picture above and does not have these same bends in it.
These are supposed to be friction locked in place at an angle where the bladed tip is too wide to get thru the ovoid opening to unlock the lid.
These are loose and under the action of gravity will fall down into the unlock position.(!)
Without hard parts modification these cans are not serviceable to hold gasoline or other flammable fluids in a moving vehicle!!
I dont have the time, energy, space or tools for a hard parts modification on something that should be good out of the box.

Reviewed by JP , 03/20/2014

I purchased these last fall, just getting around to a review. These are top notch, great condition and quality.

Reviewed by Edward M, 12/03/2013

I got eight of these cans plus accessories last year. Top drawer items. I would not waste my time and money any longer upon anything else. Just do it - you will be glad you did.

Reviewed by Steve , 10/03/2013

Just got my 4 pack. Good luck finding these at this price. No Junk Here! Great service, shipped the same day and product just as shown. The locking cap is perfect. Get more stuff, I will buy from you guys anytime!

Reviewed by Jon , 05/12/2013

I purchased two of the baby 5l cans and use them to store kerosene. They are the best fuel cans I've ever used. They don't leak, they're well made and worth the money. I also recently purchased one of the 20L cans and it is every bit the equal of the baby cans. These cans are far better than the old American G.I. cans with the screw cap. If you need a quality "Jerry" can then these are the ones!