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Portable Sewing Machines in Cases
I’m always on the hunt for old, portable, sewing machines! And boy, did I hit paydirt on my last trip to Europe. All manually operated, with one exception. Mostly Singer, dating from 1906 through 1945. What I found interesting was that all of these Singer machines, from the oldest to the newest, were exactly the same design. And they’re all in beautiful and functional condition. The only differences were the cases they came in. The ones made in Scotland had the square cases, and the others had the domed cases. One of the Singers, also a portable in a domed case was factory electrified, 220V naturally. This one is extremely rare. Then the oldest I scored were a Jones, dating to 1898, and a Frister & Rossmann, dating to 1890, which has a stunning squared off case with extensive marquetry. These are all investment quality.