Swiss Army Tripods

SKU: JB172_JB173

Wowee.., we scored a limited number of these big and beautiful tripods made by Wild-Heerbrugg in Switzerland. Massive units, heavy enough for whatever you want to mount and not have wobble. The legs are made of wood, with heavy metal details, such as the heads and the spiked feet. Extremely hard to find anymore! These were used with theodolites and other surveying gear. All are in excellent and complete condition. Now’s your chance.
Biggest Tripod - SOLD OUT
Wooden Legs, 41” collapsed, 67” extended, weighs 12 lbs
JB171    $99

Next Biggest Tripod
Wooden Legs, 31” collapsed, 48” extended, weighs 11.3 lbs
JB172   $89

Pretty Big Tripod
Wooden Legs, 33” collapsed, 54” extended, weighs 10.45 lbs
JB173   $89

Tripod with Brass Legs - SOLD OUT
Brass legs..! 31” collapsed, 54” extended, weighs 7.45 lbs
JB174   $69

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