Bunches of French Brass Buttons

$12.00 - $16.00

Our French brass-button source dropped a bunch of beautiful, shiny, brand-new buttons on us. It seems the French brass button maker, that makes the French Military buttons, also makes them for whomever. These are really neat. Check ‘em out and grab a bunch. Come in units of 10 each.

a. LTM352 Marie de Marseille 20mm Ø   $12
b. LTM353 Lyre a Godron 20mm Ø   $12
c. LTM354 Ecole Polytechnique 25mm Ø   $12
d. LTM355 Police a Palmes 15mm Ø   $10
e. LTM356 Newport Bay Club 20mm Ø   $14
f. LTM357 Spherical 15mm Ø  $10
g. LTM358 Brush Surface 20mm Ø   $10

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