Gambling Automata

My old pal Hans Heiner of Düsseldorf flipped out, I think, when he started to buy all of the old gambling automata that used to hang in just about every tavern in Germany! By now, he’s collected over two thousand… Found an old, retired mechanic that used to work for the company that made them, and hired him to make them all function again like new. So I picked up a handful, just to see if they would fly. Figured you’d enjoy having one in your game room. They use old Deutsch-Marks, and some coinage is supplied with each machine, so you can actually “gamble” with them. And although they are wired for 220VAC, a small transformer will make them work here. They are all analog, and the same, with different graphics. Complete with mounting brackets. Additional shipping charge of $99 must be added. (for shipping to Hawaii & Alaska, ask!)

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