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Unlike lesser pocket watches, yours cannot be set by pulling out the winding crown. Instead, follow these instructions carefully.

  • This watch is a "lever set" model, preferred by railroad users to prevent an accidental mis-set. Begin by carefully twisting the watch crystal counter-clockwise with thumb and forefinger until it can be removed and set aside.
  • Now that the dial is exposed, look for a very small slot above either the 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock position. There is a tiny lever in there that must be carefully pulled away from the dial with your fingernail. It will only move about 1/8" or less. Once pulled away from the dial, you can set the time by turning the winding crown. Always set the hands forward in a clockwise manner. With the time properly set, gently press the lever back until it's snug against the dial and re-attach the crystal. Now you can wind your watch with the crown in the usual manner.

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