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New Jerry Cans: After all of the surplus supplies of NATO jerry cans in Europe dried up in 2009, we went to the maker and had them supply us. Naturally we paid a bunch more for OEM cans, but many thousands later no one is complaining. They are that good! Made in Poland, (which is an EU member), for NATO, among other entities, including the Russian Army, these are as good as it gets. They’ve been producing jerry cans since 2000, with 5, 10 and 20 liter capacities, are rustproof, and painted in the RAL6003 color, olive drab. They’re plasma welded .08mm steel, powder coated on both inside and out with fuel and solvent resistant paint, preventing the deterioration of the contents during long storage. Given the high quality, they’ve been awarded certificates recognized throughout the European Union and beyond, which means that they comply with the toughest durability standards needed by military and civilian customers around the world. These jerry cans are designed for the shipment and temporary storage of liquids and petroleum products. 

The classic, three-handled, plasma-welded, European-made NATO can. Made like a gas tank, with the weld going around the entire perimeter. Bayonet closure lid, with rubber gasket, and safety pin, breather pipe for non-splash pouring. Powder coated, inside and out with solvent-proof paint. measures 18.5” x 13.5” x 6.5”, 8.45 lbs

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Buy SET OF FOUR 20 Liter Jerry Can and Flexi Jerry Can Spout,Set of Four Jerry Can Cap-Gaskets.

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This Item: SET OF FOUR 20 Liter Jerry Can
Flexi Jerry Can Spout
Set of Four Jerry Can Cap-Gaskets

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