Stainless Steel 20L (INOX) NATO Jerry Can


It took us about ten years to work up the cojones to sell this stainless steel jerry can. They just always seemed a bit too pricey… But then we’ve been selling hundreds of stainless buckets from the Swiss Army, for years, without complaint. Let’s face it stainless steel stuff is expensive and hard to work. These stainless jerry cans are all made to precisely the same NATO standards as the others. All stamped, plasma welded, three handle, bayonet filler, and stone gorgeous. Food Quality..! Wine, acids, solvents, and weather resistant, what else could one want? Well, here you go. We finally made it. These are truly objects of great beauty.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Williams, 03/25/2018

Work of art and the ultimate Jerry can - Sure they are spendy but if you want the best this is it, I use mine for water ,No plastic taste like plastic jugs and I will definitely be buying another