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Böker BRLW

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Only the best materials and the finest craftsmanship go into this BRLW. The visually contrasting and precision-milled titanium handle, extra-long bolster at the front and the wood grain at the back of the handle, is a defining feature. The integrated frame lock locks the ball-bearing clip point blade made from powder metallurgical MagnaCut (62-63 HRC) with a self-confident ricasso. This blade steel is characterized by its symbiosis of high edge retention, hardness, and corrosion resistance. The discreet flipper, which disappears completely when open, and the flat, milled titanium clip (tip-up/r) contribute elegance, while the “Böker Tree” adorns the blade's pivot screw. The lanyard hole provides additional carrying options. The Boker BRLW is supplied in a high-quality felt case. Handmade in the Böker factory in Solingen. Overall Length: 6.06”, Blade Length: 2.56”, Blade Thickness: 0.10”, Weight: 2.19 oz. Blade Material: MagnaCut; Handle Material: titanium, Opener Flipper; Opeg: Manua; LockType: Framelock.

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