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Ford TriMotor Goose

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The Tin Goose was constructed of aluminum, corrugated for extra strength. Even the control surfaces were made of the same materials. The control wires for the elevator and rudder were strung along the external surface. Similarly, engine gauges were mounted externally, on the engine pods, to be monitored by the pilot by looking through the windscreens! A total of 199 TriMotors were built between 1926-33, and more than 100 airlines of the  world flew ‘em. On 27-28 November 1929, Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his crew made the first flight over the South Pole in a Tin Goose named the Floyd Bennett. As of 2007, there are still 18 in existence, of which five are still flying! Wingspan 40.5”, length 27.25”

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