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Swiss Army Reel Oiler

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We know these as reel oilers, from antique fishing equipment, but whether the Swiss troopers used ‘em to keep their fishing gear in shape, is purely speculative. In fact, these are pin-point oilers! And a more compact, well thought-out and made, unit hardly exists. Hand-soldered nickel-plated brass construction. They have a screw-in pin-point nozzle with a thick seal at the base, to avoid leaking. Then, as a cover, there’s a cap, with a needle in the middle, that fits down into the nozzle, keeping it clear and clean. This cap screws down deep into the shoulder of the nozzle to avoid secondary leakage. Stunning amount of attention paid to a seemingly unimportant tool. But that’s exactly the point. This isn’t an unimportant tool, is it now?
Small: 3.75” x 1.25” x .6875”, 1.2 oz  
JB0895 Small $25

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